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API Creation, Why Simple is Better

Whenever you interact with a program it is usually done through an API. Every website you visit, most programs you use, even your own operating system uses APIs to communicate with application. APIs are very prominent in modern computing and are essential to establishing the connection between programs and users alike. Seeing as every programmerContinue reading “API Creation, Why Simple is Better”

Java and Immutable Objects: A Lesson In Security and Performance

For the longest time Java has been an Object Oriented programming language first and foremost however it was never purely Object Oriented in its design. There exists some objects which are immutable and cannot be changed under any circumstances. String is an example of this and works by having a new object instance created wheneverContinue reading “Java and Immutable Objects: A Lesson In Security and Performance”

Junit and Temporary Files

               When working with a Java program, one of the strongest tools to ensure it is functioning is Junit testing. Junit testing makes it easy to take a glance and see if all properties of your code are functioning correctly. Despite this however, at the end of the day, the product must be able toContinue reading “Junit and Temporary Files”

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